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Your Legal CRM...

Designed for Will Writers, Estate Planning professionals and Private Client solicitors as a business management tool, Your Legal CRM helps you to manage interactions with leads, prospects, and clients.


Our software will help you build customer relationships and ensures nothing is forgotten as you can enter notes and reminders. This streamlines the process so you can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability


The CRM system has been built by the same team of industry professionals that built Countrywide Legacy meaning it can successfully integrate with all of your systems and it offers you a range of unique features specific to your Estate Planning business.

To learn more about how to use Your Legal CRM, watch our video that explains all the key features on offer.

Your Legal CRM will benefit your business in so many ways...


The CRM contains a sales pipeline which allows you to keep track of the number of prospects you have to call, the total estimated prospect value in £s and the number of appointments you have made, ensuring that you stay on target.

Sales Pipeline


View your calendar, add reminders and make those appointments to see your prospects through the CRM whilst you’re on the phone to them, or schedule a callback, without the need to change systems.

Stay Organised


Your CRM links with both your external calendar and the Legacy software calendar meaning you will never have to duplicate information and you will always be up to date with your appointments and events.



The system adds your new prospects in date order which ensures that you call them in the right order and don’t allow prospects to go cold. Client not at home? Simply add a reminder to call them back in your calendar via the CRM.

Keep up to date


You can even add referrals directly into the CRM through your Software at the point of sale, adding any useful information about the prospect there and then so your initial contact with them is more relevant and you are more prepared.



You can add additional information in the CRM to each prospect which is extremely useful when trying to win the appointment, such as the prospect source, who provided the lead to you and include any relevant notes to refer back to, helping you to build an instant rapport when contacting the client for the first time.

Prospect profiles


You can also grade your prospects using Hot, Warm or Cold and the likelihood of converting them into a client along with their estimated sales value. You can then change the status to either LOST or WON and input the actual value of any sale.



Once you have converted a prospect into a client (WON) you can then send it directly through to the Software. The Legacy Software will now link to the CRM and so should you make any changes to the client’s details going forwards, on either system, they will synchronise with each other and update the other accordingly.

Won Clients


You will benefit from daily updates on your live cases being pushed through to your CRM calendar from the Legacy software, automatically. The system tracks and lists payments, software events and those added manually. You can filter which events you want to display at any time.

Tracking cases

Your Legal CRM will do so much for your business!

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